Event Information

Event Start Times

Full Nugget Multisport Race8.00amTop of Seddon Street, Waihi. Under the Head-frame
Half Nugget Duathlon8.00amCoronation Park - Leo Street, Waihi Beach
21km Run and Walk8.30amCoronation Park - Leo Street, Waihi Beach
10km Run and Walk8.15amTop of Seddon Street, Waihi. Under the Head-frame
5km Run and Walk8.30am

Top of Seddon Street, Waihi. Under the Head-frame

Event Registration

Please note that it is mandatory for all competitors (individuals and teams) to register between 4.00pm and 9.00pm on Friday 11th May, at the Waihi RSA, 3 Seddon Street, Waihi. Late or different registration procedures will only be allowed if pre-arranged with the organisers - please contact info@thenugget.co.nz
Race briefing is at 8:00pm for all Full Nugget and Half Nugget competitors.

Late Entries

Online entries close at 9.00pm on Friday 11th May 2018. If you wish to enter after this time, you will need to do so at the Saturday morning registration (from 6.00am) at the Waihi i-SITE. This will be CASH or CHEQUE ONLY - there will be NO EFTPOS or CREDIT CARD facility.

Event Prize Categories

Full Nugget Multisport Race - SoloAll age categories - Male and Female
Full Nugget Multisport Race - Team
(2&3 person)
Junior (U18) Male and Female
Open Male and Female
Full Nugget Multisport Race - Team
(4&5 person)
Junior (U18) Male and Female
Open Male and Female
Half Nugget Duathlon - SoloAll age categories - Male and Female
Half Nugget Duathlon - TeamJunior (U18) Male and Female
Open Male and Female
21km Run / WalkAll age categories - Male and Female
10km Run / WalkAll age categories - Male and Female
5km Run / WalkAll age categories - Male and Female

General Information

  • Participants must wear the race numbers provided on the outside of their clothing at all times. These will be standard race numbers that competitors will need to attach to their front using either pins or a race belt.
  • All cycle competitors must adhere to the New Zealand road rules. ALL ROADS ARE OPEN.
  • Any competitor who withdraws from the race MUST notify an official as soon as practicable. This is an essential requirement to avoid unnecessary searches being conducted and emergency services being engaged.
  • It is recommended that basic first aid kits are carried by all competitors on the run and mountain bike legs. First aid kits should consist of 2 x stretch bandages, wound closure strips, non-adhesive wound dressings, 1 x triangular bandage and 1 x pair of surgical gloves.
  • All teams are permitted to lodge protests against results or decisions enforced during the event. A judging panel of three organisers appointed by the directors (including the relevant leg director) will adjudicate on all protests and other contentious matters, and their decision will be final.
  • The organisers have sole discretion to alter or amend the race format or the rules in order to increase the safety of participants or for any other reason deemed appropriate.


General Notes and Guidelines

Road Cycle

  • Obey the normal road rules at all times.
  • All roads are open.
  • There will be a neutralised start. Follow the lead vehicle(s) about 1.5km. DO NOT overtake the lead vehicle(s). The start will be slightly staggered to allow less competitive/experienced cyclists to ride in their appropriate bunch.
  • Please don't litter.

Ruahine Kayaks Paddle

  • Kayakers should be competent at paddling (and practice in) their selected craft in harbour conditions, and have the ability to self-rescue in the event of a capsize.
  • A vertically raised paddle is the recognised help signal.
  • If you choose to withdraw from the kayak leg (or have been rescued three times) you will be assisted back to T1 and allowed to continue with the race, but you or your team will not be ranked.
  • Kayakers should understand basic boating rules and regional bylaws.

Coastal Run

  • Stay on the marked track at all times.
  • There are no aid stations on the coastal run leg.
  • Please don't litter.

Mountain Bike

  • Stay on the marked track at all times.
  • Ride within your skill limit.
  • There are 3 aid stations with water & Hammer electrolytes; at approx. 5km, 8km and 18km.
  • Please don't litter.

21km Run/Walk

  • Stay on the marked track at all times.
  • There are 4 aid stations with water & Hammer electrolytes; at approx. 10km, 15km, 18km and 20km
  • iPods and MP3 players are NOT allowed. You will be sharing part of the course with (fast moving) mountain bikes. For everyone's safety, you must be aware of what's going on around you.
  • Please don't litter.


Cut Off Times and Procedures

There will be cut-off times at the end of the first road cycle leg, kayak leg, coastal run leg and mountain bike leg which must be strictly enforced:

  • For teams who do not make the published cut off times, the next team member will be allowed to continue at the published cut off time, but your team will be unranked.
  • All team members are still required to gather at the end of the mountain bike leg for the team run. e.g. If an athlete finishes their leg 10 minutes AFTER the cut-off, their next team member will have already been sent off at the cut-off time. The person who missed the cut-off will still be required to get him/herself to the final transition area (T4) for the team run.
  • Individuals who miss a cut-off may elect to miss the next leg and continue the race unranked.

If you cannot complete a leg or are forced to stop or withdraw from a leg the following procedures will be followed:

  • You will not be permitted to return to that discipline but you can recommence the event with the next leg.
  • If you have been rescued on the kayak leg, you will be taken to the nearest beach or transition area. Or if you withdraw from the leg by landing on the beach please ensure you advise a race official of your location and condition as soon as possible - this will save us looking for you unnecessarily.
  • When you get to the next transition area, advise an official that you did not complete the leg and hand over to your team mate who can continue the rest of the course unranked.
  • Your team will not be ranked or placed but you can still complete the event.

Road Cycle cut-off: All cyclists (on the first cycle leg) must be at the Anzac Bay transition (T1) by 9.30am.

Kayak cut-off: All kayakers must be off the water by 11.30am.

Coastal Run cut-off: All runners must be at the Ngatitangata Road transition (T3) by 1.30pm.

Mountain Bike midway cut-off: All mountain bikers must start the MTB leg by by 1.30pm. If you cannot, you can still finish the mountain bike leg unranked and you will be diverted by a marshal and your ride will be shorter by 6km.

Finish cut-off: The official finish line cut-off is 4.00pm at the Cornish Pumphouse. This allows a generous eight hours for competitors to complete the event.


Support Crews

CREW MAP  |  Check out the best routes between transitions

Support crews are not mandatory, and they will probably have no impact on your overall placing. However they will make your logistics easier and are recommended if you are doing the Full Nugget or the Half Nugget.

  • On the first road cycle leg, support crews must either travel ahead of the lead vehicle or wait and travel behind the 'tail-end Charlie'. For safety and congestion reasons, do not follow your rider in your vehicle.
  • We recommend supporters travel via SH2 and Waihi Beach Road.
  • Support crews are only allowed to assist competitors at the start and end of the kayak leg. Support crews can help competitors get in and out of their kayaks at the water's edge.
  • Support crews will take kayaks to the beach at Anzac Bay and store them in an orderly fashion as instructed by the marshals.
  • Support crews are NOT allowed to provide any assistance inside any transition area and may only enter a transition area when dropping off or collecting equipment.
  • Support crews must not touch another competitor's race gear.
  • Support crews should collect gear once competitors have gone through transition.

Competitors' Briefing

8.00pm - Friday 12th May, at the Waihi RSA, 3 Seddon Street, Waihi.

It is highly recommended that all Full Nugget and Half Nugget competitors (teams and individuals) attend the competitors' briefing. At the briefing we will further explain the race details and advise you of any last minute changes.


Friday 11th May, 2018
4:00pm - 9:00pmCompetitor Registration open at the Waihi RSA.
3 Seddon Street, Waihi.
6:00pmTransition Area 3 at the top of Ngatitangata Road opens for MTB drop off.
5:30pmMeals available at Waihi RSA. 3 Seddon Street, Waihi.
8:00pmFull Nugget and Half Nugget competitor briefing at the Waihi RSA. 3 Seddon Street, Waihi.
Saturday 12th May, 2018
6:00am - 7:30amLate Registration at the Waihi i-SITE (by prior arrangement only).
6:00amAll transition areas open for equipment to be dropped off. T4 from 6:30am
7:45amFull Nugget Multisport race cyclists gather at the headframe on Seddon Street, Waihi for pre-race briefing.

Half Nugget competitors gather at Coronation Park, Leo Street, Waihi Beach for pre-race briefing.
8:00amFull Nugget Multisport event RACE START at Waihi. Half Nugget Duathlon event RACE START at Waihi Beach
8:15am21km Run and Walk competitors gather at Coronation Park, Leo Street, Waihi Beach ready for race briefing.
8:30am21km Run/Walk event RACE START at Waihi Beach.
8:15am10km Run/Walk event RACE START at the Pumphouse, Seddon St, Waihi.
Meet at 8.00am for pre-race briefing.
8:30am5km Run/Walk event RACE START at the Pumphouse, Seddon St, Waihi.
Meet at 8.15am for pre-race briefing.
12:30pmPrizegiving for the 5km and 10km Run/Walk at the Pumphouse finish line.
1:30pmPrizegiving for the 21km Run/Walk at the Pumphouse finish line.
6:00pmPost-event drinks and meals at Waihi Memorial Hall, 47 Seddon Street, Waihi.
7:15pmFull Nugget & Half Nugget Prizegiving and major spot prize draw at Waihi Memorial Hall. 47 Seddon Street, Waihi. All welcome.

Transition Areas

The following points and guidelines apply in and around transition areas:

  • Transition area T3 will be open to drop mountain bikes from 6.00pm on Friday and will have overnight security.
  • Transition areas T1 & T2 will be open to drop gear from 6.00am on Saturday.
  • Only competitors and support crews are permitted into the transition areas.
  • Note that support crews should collect gear once you pass through transition.
  • Team transponders must only be changed over inside a transition area.
  • A team race number will be given to all team members, but be sure to pass your timing transponder to your next team-mate and fasten it securely. If it falls off, your time cannot be recorded.

We will have a marshal minding your equipment at the transition areas until 4.00pm on Saturday. All gear needs to be collected before 4.00pm, after this time we can not be responsible for it.

Transition Area Maps

T1 - Anzac Bay Map

T2 - Coronation Park Map

T3 - Ngatitangata Road

T4 - Martha Street

Finish Line



The Half Nugget Duathlon and 21km Run/Walk events both start at Coronation Park, Leo Street, Waihi Beach and finish at the Cornish Pumphouse in Waihi. Parking is limited, so to help make your day easier we have arranged bus transport for these two events. The bus will depart from the Waihi i-SITE (opposite the Cornish Pumphouse) and drop you at the start line at Waihi Beach. The cost for this service is $10. Please pay the bus driver (cash only) on the day.

Your seat must be booked in advance. Email info@thenugget.co.nz to book your seat(s).


  • 7.00am: Half Nugget participants' bus departs the Waihi i-SITE for Coronation Park, Waihi Beach (event start)
  • 7.30am: 21km Run / Walk participants' bus departs Waihi i-SITE for Coronation Park, Waihi Beach (event start)

Please be at the Waihi i-SITE at least 20 minutes before your scheduled bus departure time. There is NO return bus after the event from the finish line back to Waihi Beach.

There will be a gear drop facility at the Coronation Park, Waihi Beach start line (T2). Any gear you need to leave there during your race will be returned to Race HQ at the start/finish line. Please clearly label your gear bag.


Road Cycling Equipment


  • Certified Bike Helmet to Aust/NZ/US standard
  • Appropriate cycling shoes


  • Tools, pump and tube to effect own repairs
  • Bike gloves

Paddling Equipment


  • A Personal Flotation Device (PFD) must be worn by all paddlers on the kayak leg. This includes all kayak, ski, waka ama and SUP competitors. This will be strictly enforced.
  • We do not recommend inflatable PFDs.


  • Multisport kayaks should have positive bouyancy installed; i.e. air bags or polystyrene inserts. Sea kayaks with sealed storage holds are fine.
  • It is recommended you carry a pump or baler in all sea kayaks and enclosed craft.
  • Whistle (attached to PFD).
  • Splash cover/spray skirt for people using a sit-inside kayak.
  • 1 x marine rated orange smoke flare carried on your person.
  • Kayak clothing appropriate to the conditions e.g. a dry jacket with neoprene cuffs, collars and waist that can be fastened, neoprene booties.
  • Paddle leash.
  • Water/hydration pack and food.

Running Equipment


  • Small first aid kit with crape bandages, wound closure strips, triangular bandage, wound dressings
  • Emergency space/survival blanket
  • Water/hydration drink and food
  • Suncream

Mountain Bike Equipment


  • Certified Bike Helmet to Aust/NZ/US standard
  • Appropriate MTB footwear.


  • Tools, pump, tube to effect own repairs
  • Bike gloves
  • Small first aid kit, particularly for cuts and sprains (2 x crepe bandages, 6 x wound closure strips, 1 x triangular bandage, 2 x non-stick wound dressing pads and a pair of surgical gloves)
  • Emergency space/survival blanket

At Registration


  • You will be issued a standard race number to attach to your front using either pins or a race belt.
  • There will be no MTB number plates issued.


  • All individuals and each team will be given a timing transponder at registration. It must be attached to your ankle at all times during the race.
  • Teams will need to transfer the timing transponder from one team member to the next at transitions. It will be used as your team's baton.
  • Take your time securing the transponder and ensure it is properly attached before proceeding. A lost transponder will result in incorrect times being registered and we will go out and look for you. Failure to return the transponder will result in a fee to you of $50 (this is the cost price to us for losing them!).


  • You will NOT receive a specific bike number plate.
  • Team mountain bikers may mount their race number on their bike or attach it to their shirt front using the safety pins provided.
  • Individuals will need to attach their race number to their shirt front, on the outside of all clothing, for the duration of the race.


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